Online collaboration, a snapshot of the 22nd century

What does the world want today?  From mergers and acquisitions foiling up, bail-out’s, people’s lives and emotions at stake.  All after the global recession of 2008, much greater than 1987 and 1998 combined and almost similar to the great depression of 1929.

With economists over smart and briliant forecasters and indicators what seems to be left behind to look for hope, faith and the future of the technological revolution?

As my colleques at the famous Institute of Electrical and  Electronics Engineers say maybe this is the next phase of analytics engine, search and advertising technology.

With big stalwarts of the corporate industrial age finds solutions in bestowing the might of a once magnificent empire, the new breed of emerging silicon valley giants with Trade seems to be concentrating on the relevace of human emotion, social networking and online collaborative technology.

Even the bigwigs of paid, search and blogsvertising phenomenons seems to be turning towards new content, current events and social responsibility as a way towards the green phenomenon of sustainability.

In the silicon valley arena there seems to be a flare for perfection as investors unhold their major shares with the valleywags towards angel and seed capital to micro start-ups that have lately been noticed by the insiders.

The battle on search algorithms and desktops integrations has began personalizing collaborative feeds and complete content than the usual stand alone search technology.

As widgets and CSS theme with RSS feeds and podcasting are embeeded to media centered video’s and music it seems that the way to make the sale is to seek a deeper understanding of the predictabiity of the human emotion.

As we unload the corrections of wrong investment strategies focused on self greed and ambition, the online syndication has finally made it’s way as a daily gadget of human existence.

As the new frontier of sophisticated VOIP’s protocols,  are integrated to emailing and surfing, a more predominant personal engagement to family and friends in any part of the world seems to be a new trend of collaboration.

So as Archie is one again reborn, content with advertising, search and networking will be the new rulers of silicon valley.

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