What’s out for 2016 FED hike

With the recent FED increase of interest rates finally since 2009 when lowering interest was the only way to boost the US economy hopefully inflation will no longer go up.

The move is essential to savers but might hurt the borrowers in the earlier part of 2016..  With Christmas two days away another trend to look for is the comparative holiday shopping sales from last year.

Although increase holiday spending will further boost the retail and online channels, the pending hikes on credit card finance and late fees may or may not hurt ones pocket.

As we look forward into 2016 with this outlook and lower unemployment the online Internet marketplaces has indeed taken a long way.

Come next year it looks like a lot of independent online brick and mortar stores will dominate social media feeds and search rankings.

Years ago when I was looking at how to proceed with the Alexandria concept the biggest challenge was the Internet marketplaces who were king and they dictate who and whom to accredit..Although said fill rates are much as important it’s about them getting more and more dollars from a small brick and mortar leaving them with 0 profit in the end.

With today’s e-commerce solutions and data feeds together with sales and inventory management, the brick and mortars are now emerging to be leaders in search rankings.

Well of course it’s Uncle Internet who no matter tech genius you are it’s algorithms is much more crazy and ahead..

So in this Christmas 2015 as we look into the changing of the occupants in Pennsylvania Avenue let’s remember the last challenging years and have fun be merry with our family and friends.

A blessed Christmas to everyone

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