Historical Presidential Realities

  • Through the years we’ve seen presidents over in different parts of the world rise to power.
  • From the campaigns to inaugurations hence the platforms, promises and goals of governance. Then comes the first 100 days and a year since taking office. History will validate these first year and term as more structured towards what was promised when running as well as repealing their predecessors signature executive orders. It’s a way of gratification to ever achieved from the predecessor showcasing that now they are in command. 

Any presidential candidate always had good visions to make a case of better life of the citizens when they get elected. The only part not a reality is that inherent personality of a person that will play part in their leadership and governance. Hence when these presidents takes the office slowly or even sometimes drastically the personality comes into play.

Hence as they go forward being presidents we all can visualize the type of rule a president will be. Some will say they were right ever since and some will regret the biggest mistake they did electing a president. 

In politics. what’s also true is the role of the media and citizenry. Whatever outcome a new president takes both of these two will play a role in giving the world the stories as well as even give effect towards mobilization of views and inputs as in social media today.

What happens after the first year is also historical as then you would see a more subtle president waking up to the real realities of the world. Hence they start to accept what really goes on and be more relax and conducive that after all they cannot change the whole world.

Yet these are also as mentioned historical as we really never know based on the so called personality a person brings. What’s even worse is dictators and corrupt leaders in the past went opposite in history where they became more harsh over the years in power.

So in closing the message is vigilance and being united to the cause of democracy and remaining the land of the free.

Alex Esguerra
ADLE International

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