Young Entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Drawback 1987 a few days after receiving my bachelors, I went to file a corporate Articles of Incorporation instead of composing a work resume.

Then came the work on product development, suppliers, etc. having my parents and household help at the garage office.

Fast forward 1989. with 30 employees and trade exhibitions at Milan, Frankfurt, New York and Los Angeles. By the spring of 1991, the $100 start up in 1987 has been valued $800,000 in the Nikkei index.

By 1995, as I prepare to sell the company I built, came the appointment as APEC Youth Representative for Young Entrepreneurs. It coincided with my subcontracting pool of 1000 low income residents in provinces of the Philippines and Thailand initiatives.

The vision of preparing the future young entrepreneurs as prominent business leaders came with a mission of having goods and services accessible even to the poorest communities.

Hence, from the APEC stint and starting anew a fledgling bookselling business in 1998, the new vision of affordable books even to limited earners highlighted the birth of ADLE International.

2017 as I slowly grow on the online business model with our web stores not as grandeur as my past life I feel a different kind of accomplishment. A big customer base we have are students and limited income earners.

As I myself welcome middle age, the spirit of young entrepreneurship still lives in me still with a big commitment for aspiring young entrepreneurs and leaders.

Alex Esguerra