The Technology Herd a new way of online collaboration

Human Emotions
Human Emotions

In desperate times people try to communicate more and more often through social networking and freedom of expression.  With the technological advantage of the internet today people who share the same ideologies, beliefs and interests can come together.

Thus, the age of “community” building for networking and new found friends have found it’s way in major social networking sites, blogs, websites and platforms. 

As in the case of videos like in You Tube, there seems to be a new evolution that people expressed themselves especially for the youth today.   Collaboration is now over and above work and tasks, it a system of human interaction towards a more infinite undertaking and sense of belonging.

This is indeed true into wireless devices like Iphone, Itunes and kindle where there seems to be a real emotional attachment of one’s personal feelings towards finding that self sustaining satisfaction.  This is very true in writers and new breed of citizen bloggers as creativity through writing has been a way to interact a persons views and opinions.

I remember way back in 1990’s when the Internet Revolution began with important arenas on publishing, community and deep connection to an individual’s self realization.

Today, in the new age of a new revolution in social networking collaboration, “content” is emperor of all things.  It has replace the economics of publishing by availability to get free and immediate information.  This is why blogs has been so indeed popular today as if you are a blogger you better have fresh content.  In the old days, experts has the enormous advantage of time, proof-readers and editors so they can refine their grammar, words, spelling and accuracy.

Today, the true experts will emerge more wiser and credible because they have the intellectual ability to express their talents inherent on their individual personalities.   There is no more time for long hours of proof reading and editing as this is reality and real self knowledge.

After having an interesting content now comes the human connection for the reader, video watcher or music listener today.  It is now an age of space as consumers had become extremely smart and geeky that readers can immediately sense and detect who are the real people, real experts, and sincere connections.

This is why when we have captured that content, a more spirited undertaking towards enticing that person in watching a video channel, hearing the music and only then will create that spark for them to buy a product or service to support the person they are are really connected.

Hence, this is why all of a sudden the aggressive selling techniques we have tested over the years do not work anymore.  The more aggressive we are the more we are aggravating a person’s hate of a specific brand.  This is why collection practices where collectors are making threatening calls can no longer be effective.

People are generally good and conscientious in general and yes there are habitual liars.  But there are specific enforcers who are able to know and differentiate the true from the crooks.

Yet, if we are more connecting on the more sophisticated way of human psychology and sociology of evolution, people will be initiating that self initiative to take responsbility for their actions.

A herd connects to a vast network and the way for the future is simple behavorial human psychology and collaborative technologies.  For as you know, this is might be the essential recovery we need so that prosperity will get back towards belief in the system.

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