New Emerging Book Marketplaces

With the growing demands on online shopping aka One Stop Shop new trends on book buying has changed.

From the typical specialty book websites comes the lifestyle, home and technology retail stores and sites.

A good example is just these last few days on Black Friday to Cyber Tuesday. Instead on consumer traffic on different sites, consumers tend to go their favorite retailers like Sears, Newegg, Etc.  

The whole family has their list from tv’s, x-box players, microwave with the kids asking for upcoming dvd’s and non-fiction books hence dad wanting a cd.

This is where the emerging trends starts when before if you want computers you go to a computer related site, for books a bookselling site and the like.

Hence, there’s been a phenomenal growth this year on how consumers had been doing a ine stop shopping for everything.

One big thing though about doing this is that consumers have high expectations on quality, reliability and prompt delivery as they know they pay that extra for the branded lifestyle websites they shopped.

Our partnership alone with books  has been a good experience so far.

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